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Gear Coupling. Our type ZSR-1085
Gear Coupling with torque limiter and spacer
Gear Coupling with spacer. Our type ZAT-700
Flexible Coupling series PNMHP-700
Gear Coupling Disengageable
Gear Coupling with spacer for rubber mixer
Gear Half Coupling for rolling stands
Hubs for rolling stands
Gear Coupling with floating shaft
Universal Flexible Couplings
Special Flexible Coupling PN-420
Flexible Coupliong series PN
Flexible Coupling with spacer
Flexible Coupling Series PN with coloration and special treatment
Flexible Disc Coupling series FLX
Flexible Coupling series PN with brake disc. Our type PNDF
Flexible Disc Coupling with spacer and zinc treatment
Flexible Star Coupling series PSA